Golden Autumn 3

Composed and Performed by Fariborz Lachini

Autumn 2006

Contemporary Classical Pieces for Solo Piano
Composed by: Fariborz Lachini
Instrumental Music
Genre: Solo Piano , Easy Listening , Contemporary Classical

Music Album Length: 56:00
Sheet Music Book: 50 Page

Catalog: GA03
ISMN: 979-0-706060-02-6
ISBN-13: 978-1434829399
ISBN-10: 143482931

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Kathy Parson's Review

I was not familiar with Fariborz Lachini before receiving his "Golden Autumn" trilogy of piano solos. His solo piano pieces sound simple, but the emotional impact of the music and Lachini\'s heartfelt expression take it to exceptional heights. Most of the pieces have a quiet yet cinematic quality. All of the music on "Golden Autumn 3" is on the reflective, melancholy side and gives the listener plenty of room to fall into the music and be warmly enveloped by it.

All fifteen tracks on "Golden Autumn 3" are gems unto themselves. They create a mood of quiet reflection from the first track and keep it consistent. There isn’t a lot of variation in tempo from one piece to the next, making it an excellent choice for relaxing, daydreaming, reading, or just being. There aren’t any weak tracks, but I do have a few favorites. "Fall In Love Again" has a strong French accent - warm and romantic. "Silver Winter" is slightly more dramatic, but still very dreamy and graceful. "Sepidar" picks up the pace a bit with a lovely waltz. "Autumn Whispers" is much darker and full of longing - so poignant! I also really like "Calling Out For You," a deeply affecting piece that has a hint of mystery in its melancholy melody. "Autumn Eve" closes the CD with a slight chill in the air and a sense of wonder.


It's always exciting to discover an artist with such a clear voice and deep expression! All three volumes in the "Golden Autumn" series are superlative if you like quiet music filled with emotion. Lachini\'s website is fascinating, and I highly recommend it for getting acquainted with the artist and the man. "Golden Autumn" is available from,,, and iTunes. Very strongly recommended!'.

Kathy Parsons