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Salvation at 8:20 - رستگاری در هشت و بیست دقیقه

Original Music by Fariborz Lachini

Salvation at 8:20 is Sirous Alvand's 17th movie after his successful feature last year, "The Winning Card".

Salvation at 8:20 was originally scored by Saman Ehteshami and Fariborz Lachini was asked to replace the music before it hits Tehran's Theaters for public viewing.

Synopsis:Two young men with an inner desire for a tranquil existence, free from impurities and injustice, find their mutual companionship more rewarding than their relationships with their previous friends and acquaintances. Together they embark on a domain where alternative courses they face at the start separate them. Which is the right course? Eventually, however, their different courses converge at a crucial junction.

Fariborz Lachini has scored for other Sirous Alvand features namely: Disturbant and Once for All.