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Donya - دنیا

Original Music by Fariborz Lachini, Alireza Lachini

A box office smash in Iran! - with 3.520.000.000 Rials in 78 days. Source IranActor

"...a satisfying human comedy...[Actress Hediyeh] Tehrani continues to impress in a perfectly cast role that brings out her cool grace and alluring sexiness..." - VARIETY

Synopsis: In this breezy domestic comedy, Donya (Hediyeh Tehrani) returns from America to discover that it is not easy to find a place to live in modern-day Tehran. Eventually, she hires Haji (Mohammad Reza Sharifinia), the well-to-do owner of a realty company, to help her out.

Though a traditional conservative and much older than Donya, Haji falls for his attractive new client. Haji's newly stirred passions prompt him to do things he might not ordinarily do, including updating his clothing style, cutting his hair, and sending his wife and family on a vacation to get them out of the way.