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Snake Fang - Dandan-e Mar - دندان مار

Original Music by Fariborz Lachini

Variety Review: (Oct 20,1991)
... The exceptional music is a computerized version of traditional southern Iranian percussion. Soundtrack sets the pace and signals both danger and action throughout the film. Pic ultimately is a horror story, with array of hope. Story's significance makes it ten first Iranian film participating in an important international competition (Berlin Film Fest). -Suze

Synopsis:Following the death of his mother, Reza takes her belongings and his brother's ID tag , and moves into an inn. There, he becomes close friend with his roommate Ahmad. When Reza's belongings are stolen, Reza and Ahmad pursue the matter and become acquainted with a middle-man named Abdol. Abdol entrusts a girl named Fatemeh to Reza and asks him to take her to a certain address. Reza, in turn, entrusts Fatemeh to his sister, Zivar. In a fight, Abdol's storehouse is set on fire and they return home.