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Boutique - بوتیک

Original Music by Fariborz Lachini

Variety - Robert Koehler
Departs from the norm for both commercial and auteurist work in Iran, and triumphs as a deliberately raw study of a desperate, downwardly mobile young people in Tehran.

LA Weekly - Chuck Wilson
In his naturalistic, if slow-going debut feature, writer-director Hamid Ne'matolah captures Jahan and his friends moving freely about a vibrant Tehran.

Los Angeles Times - Kevin Thomas
Nematollah also relies almost entirely on Golzar's brooding star presence to hold the film together. Iranian filmmakers in recent years have made many world-class movies, to which Boutique does not measure up.

Synopsis:A girl named Etti meets a window-shop decorator, and this acquaintance entails a series of adventures.

Fariborz Lachini scored for the Theatrical Release, after its first showing in Tehran's Fajr Film Festival.