Wounded (Zakhmi)

Score: Fariborz Lachini / Real Audio sample

Director: Kamran Qadakchian

Written by: Mohammd Saleh Aia

Cinematographer: Reza Banki

Produced by: Abdollah Ali Khani, Hossein Farahbakhsh

Cast: Jamshid Hashempoor, Afsane Bayegan, Mohammad Sadeghi, Ali Reza Javidnia, Mina Faramarzi, Jalal Pishvaiyan

Yaghub loses his wife in an accident with the train. While he is preoccupied with the difficult task of raising his only child single-handedly, he gets involved in a murder case as a result of a frame-up. Aziz, the officer investigating the case, suspects Yaghub, who is arrested and poisoned. As an act of charity, Aziz takes over the guardianship of Yaghub’s child. When Yaghub is released from prison after several years, he begins to search for his child, and finally discovers that Aziz is taking care of the child.