Wolf's Trail (Radd-e-Pay-e-Gorg)

Score: Fariborz Lachini

Action A car is speeding in a road out of the city. Police stops the car and finds a dead body.
Action A wounded man is surviving from a deadly fight, while bleeding tries to get to a shelter.

Nominated for the best film score in Fajr Film Festival

Director: Masoud Kimiai

Released: 1992

Written by: Masoud Kimiaii

Cinematographer: Mahmud Kalari

Produced by: Morteza Shayesteh (Hedayat Film)

Cast: Sajjadieh, Niki Karimi, Manuchehr Hamedi, Jalal Moghaddam, Saeed Pirdoost

After a 20-year period of separation, Sadegh Khan invites his old friend ,Reza to his son's wedding in Tehran.Certain misunderstandings had kept the two friends apart for a long time. About 20 years ago Reza had been sent to jail a few days before his maariage with Tal'at was to take place.After the revolution Reza remains in the city where he had been imprisoned. When he returns to Tehran fter all these years ,he finds out that Tal'at is still waiting for him.At the same time Ta'lat is aware that Sadegh Khan's invitation is a trap for Reza,whom Sadegh Khan intends to kill in order to seal the past secrets forever.