Pomegranate and Cane (Nar-o-Ney)

Original Music: Fariborz Lachini

Director: Saeed Ebrahimifar

Released: 1989

Editing: Zhila Ipakchi

Producer: Sa'ied Ebrahimifar, Hossein Irie

Cast: Jahangir Almasi, Ghazal Elmi, Ali Asghar Garmsiri, Pari Assari, Rasoul Najafian, Soheil Alavizadeh

Festival Participation:

Hunting for interesting subjects, a photographer, who is to produce images for a play being staged very soon, comes across an old man who has just had a heart attack, and tries to save the man's life. The effort to determine the old man_s identity launches the photographer on a journey of imagination full of nostalgic remembrances. 'I opened a door, and remained under the burden of my father_s heritage. Reed-pen, ink-pot and a pen dipped into honey and love, and a shadow of my father's hands in the cupboard...'