As a Stranger (Gharibaneh)

Score: Fariborz Lachini

Romantic Boyfriend(Bozorg) and Girlfriend(Mahdokht) who will be getting married soon are talking together in a park. Girl is a doctor. The boy has some health problems and while he is describing his symptoms she guesses that he might have cancer.
Romantic After Mahdokht looks at his exam results, she realizes that Bozorg has cancer for sure and will die soon.
Romantic Harmonica was Bozorg's Instrument. In this scene the harmonica is in blood and Bozorg is gone.

Director: Ahmad Amini

Released: 1998

Written by: Mohammd Saleh Aia

Cinematographer: Reza Banki

Produced by: Ali-Reza Beheshti

Casts: Abolfazl Poorarab, Hedye Tehrani, Mohammad-Reza Davudnejad, Nadia Golchin

Behrokh Sabeti, a pharmacist, is selling her family property and is planning to join his ailing parents who are living aboard. The luxurious car which she has left for sale with Bozorg, a car agent, is seriously damages when the agent's assistant drives the car and has an accident. But Bozorg can not afford to pay for the car repair, and is forced to accept Behrokh's strange proposal, i.e., marriage. All the same, a romantic emotion gradually develops between them, which both of them try to hide for different reasons. Then Behrokh learns of a secret which further brings the couple closer together. Nevertheless, their relation is doomed to end is separation.

One of songs in Gharibaneh movie scored by Fariborz Lachini is selected as the bests of songs in Iranian's movies.

Lyrics by: Reza Ashari

Singer: Hamid GholamAli

This track is available in "The Tribe, Love", Ghabileye Eshgh album, track #3, Asheghaneh.

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