The lost Paradise(Behesht-e-Penhan)

Score: Fariborz Lachini

Action A man is trying to shot the bride in a church but someone finds out and the scene changes to police following the man
Persian "Taar" and "Daf" instruments are used to symbolize Iran. A lady is dreaming of a the ceremony of his lover getting her family's consent in a traditional Persian house.

Director: Kamran Qadakchian

Written by: Hamid Kheyredin, Esmail Rahimzadeh

Cinematographer: Faraj Heydari

Produced by: Pooya Film

Cast: Abolfazl Poorarab ,Fatemeh Goodarzi ,Samantha Schoenberg ,Shahriar Parsipoor

Cooper, an American politician, is against his daughter's marriage to a young Iranian students. He hires another Iranian to kill his daughter's fiancee. The young man, whose wife is suffering from Aids, undergoes an emotional change after meeting the young couple. He changes his mind, and together with his ailing wife, helps the young couple flee to Iran.